Interview with Lyn Jackson, Heartsong's Prenatal Yoga Teacher

6/7/2017 |

Today we're interviewing Lynn Jackson CMA, centering co-facilitator and teacher of Pranakriya prenatal Yoga at Heartsong Yoga located at 264 North Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01028.  Heartsong is owned and directed by Sheila and Tony Magalhaes. It was established in 1993. Heartsong welcomes eve ...

Challenging the Physical Fitness Stereotypes, One Yoga Pose at a Time At Heartsong Yoga

5/26/2017 | By Elisha Neubauer

Heartsong Yoga is featured in a Mass Realty spotlight piece. It was a wonderful opportunity to to highlight our community to those looking for new homes in the area, and to share some insight about how Heartsong Yoga is a welcoming place for every-body.  ...

Yoga for All

2008-10-10 | Yogahub

For a beginning yoga student, adjusting to the flow of a yoga class can have its challenges. Perhaps you sometimes lose your place when the teacher is moving quickly through a sun-salutation, or you have no idea what a downward dog pose looks like. Oh, and by the way – when do you get to breathe! ...

A vibrant approach to life

2013-10-01 | Debbie Gardner, Prime Editor

Wadden demonstrates the Triangle Pose. PRIME photo by Debbie Gardner

Beth Wadden inspires students to embrace the youthful benefits of yoga It was a predictable place to chat with a seasoned yoga instructor; a pair of throw rugs and two back supports on the polished floor of a practice studio. Beth Wadden, clad in black leggings and a tee, her hair still slightly damp from an afterno ...

Local yoga instructor poses for new "Boomer Yoga" book

2009-03-01 | Debbie Gardner, Prime Editor

Photo courtesy of Holly Haywood and Bernie Meyers

Sheila Magalhas lends her flexibility to new book by good friend and yoga mentor Beryl Bender Birch As the owner of Heartsong Yoga in East Longmeadow, MA, Sheila Magalhaes has been helping people throughout the Pioneer Valley discover the benefits of yoga for 17 years. Recently Magalhaes and her husban ...

Voices of the Valley: Sheila Magalhaes, Owner, Heartsong Yoga Center, East Longmeadow

2014-12-22 | By Janice Beetle | Special to The Republican

Name: Sheila Magalhaes Owner, Heartsong Yoga Center 264 North Main St., East LongmeadowYears in business: 21 What do you offer and to whom? Often in our busy lives, we forget to take time to recharge or replenish ourselves, especially when we are caring for others while juggling responsibilities at work ...

Men Gain Focus, Flexibility with Yoga

2016-01-05 | By Debbie Gardner, Prime Magazine

Sampson instructs class regular Glenn Snyder, center. PRIME photo by Jacqueline M. Sidor Art & Photo

It’s Saturday morning, and in a modest wood-floored room in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, a group of guys are busy laying out mats and warming up, preparing to spend the next hour doing “downward dog” and trying their hand at “tree pose.” In the lobby, two other guys – on ...

Aging Well With Meditation

2016-05-01 | By Debbie Gardner, Prime Magazine

Sheila Magalhaes

A lifelong resident of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Sheila Magalhaes turned to yoga and meditation in the 1990s to mitigate the stress and demands of new motherhood. Inspired by how these practices changed her life, in 1993 she co-founded Heartsong Yoga, teaching these practices in schools, corporate settings and ...

Boston Yoga | Interview with Sheila Magalhaes

12/01/2015 | My Instructor TV 1. How long have you been teaching Yoga? What does your practice mean to you, personally? I began teaching yoga in 1992, ac ...

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A vibrant approach to life

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Aging Well With Meditation

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