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2/24Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/25FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/27Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils & Yoga, FREEMore
2/28Chair YogaMore
3/1Yoga Nidra More
3/3Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/4Family YogaMore
3/4FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/6Restorative Yoga Class, Spring RenewalMore
3/7Chair YogaMore
3/10Open House for Teacher Training and Beryl Bender Birch guest teaching 7:30 am yoga.More
3/10Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/11FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/13Mindfulness & Meditation ClassMore
3/14Chair YogaMore
3/17Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/18Family YogaMore
3/18FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/19Ashtanga 3 week Course Starts, 11 amMore
3/19Ashtanga 3 week Course Starts, 7:30 pm.More
3/20Mindfulness & Meditation ClassMore
3/21Chair YogaMore
3/21Crystal Bowl Sound Healing MeditationMore
3/24New Family Habits, a Workshop for Parents, Caregivers and TeachersMore
3/24Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/24 (2 days) Laughter Yoga Leader TrainingMore
3/25FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/27Mindfulness & Meditation ClassMore
3/28Chair YogaMore
3/28Kripalu 3 week Course StartsMore
3/31Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/1Family YogaMore
4/1FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/4Chair YogaMore
4/5Yoga Nidra More
4/7Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/8FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/10Mindfulness & Meditation ClassMore
4/11Chair YogaMore
4/14Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/15Family YogaMore
4/15Stress, Anxiety and Panic Workshop More
4/15FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/17Mindfulness & Meditation ClassMore
4/18Chair YogaMore
4/18Crystal Bowl Sound Healing MeditationMore
4/21Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/21Laughter Yoga Leader TrainingMore
4/22Laughter Yoga Leader TrainingMore
4/22FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/25Chair YogaMore
4/28Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/29FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/2Chair YogaMore
5/3Yoga Nidra More
5/5Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/6Family YogaMore
5/6FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/9Chair YogaMore
5/12Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/13FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/16Chair YogaMore
5/16Crystal Bowl Sound Healing MeditationMore
5/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/20Family YogaMore
5/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/23Chair YogaMore
5/26Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/27FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/30Chair YogaMore
6/2Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/3Family YogaMore
6/3FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/6Chair YogaMore
6/7Yoga Nidra More
6/9Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/10FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/13Chair YogaMore
6/16Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/17Family YogaMore
6/17FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/20Chair YogaMore
6/23Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/24FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/27Chair YogaMore
6/30Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/1Family YogaMore
7/1FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/4Chair YogaMore
7/5Yoga Nidra More
7/7Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/8FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/11Chair YogaMore
7/14Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/15Family YogaMore
7/15FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/18Chair YogaMore
7/21Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/22FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/25Chair YogaMore
7/28Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/29FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/1Chair YogaMore
8/2Yoga Nidra More
8/4Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/5Family YogaMore
8/5FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/8Chair YogaMore
8/11Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/12FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/15Chair YogaMore
8/18Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/19Family YogaMore
8/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/22Chair YogaMore
8/25Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/26FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/29Chair YogaMore
9/1Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/2Family YogaMore
9/2FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/5Chair YogaMore
9/6Yoga Nidra More
9/8Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/9FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/12Chair YogaMore
9/15Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/16Family YogaMore
9/16FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/19Chair YogaMore
9/22Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/23FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/26Chair YogaMore
9/29Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/30FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/3Chair YogaMore
10/4Yoga Nidra More
10/6Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/7Family YogaMore
10/7FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/10Chair YogaMore
10/13Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/14FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/17Chair YogaMore
10/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/21Family YogaMore
10/21FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/24Chair YogaMore
10/27Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/28FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/31Chair YogaMore
11/1Yoga Nidra More
11/3Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/4Family YogaMore
11/4FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/7Chair YogaMore
11/10Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/11FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/14Chair YogaMore
11/17Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/18Family YogaMore
11/18FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/21Chair YogaMore
11/24Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/25FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/28Chair YogaMore
12/1Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/2Family YogaMore
12/2FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/5Chair YogaMore
12/6Yoga Nidra More
12/8Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/9FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/12Chair YogaMore
12/15Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/16Family YogaMore
12/16FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/19Chair YogaMore
12/22Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/23FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/26Chair YogaMore
12/29Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/30FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/2/19Chair YogaMore
1/3/19Yoga Nidra More
1/5/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/6/19Family YogaMore
1/6/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/9/19Chair YogaMore
1/12/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/13/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/16/19Chair YogaMore
1/19/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/20/19Family YogaMore
1/20/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/23/19Chair YogaMore
1/26/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/27/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/30/19Chair YogaMore
2/2/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/3/19Family YogaMore
2/3/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/6/19Chair YogaMore
2/7/19Yoga Nidra More
2/9/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/10/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/13/19Chair YogaMore
2/16/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/17/19Family YogaMore
2/17/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/20/19Chair YogaMore
2/23/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/24/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/27/19Chair YogaMore
3/2/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/3/19Family YogaMore
3/3/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/6/19Chair YogaMore
3/7/19Yoga Nidra More
3/9/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/10/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/13/19Chair YogaMore
3/16/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/17/19Family YogaMore
3/17/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/20/19Chair YogaMore
3/23/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/24/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/27/19Chair YogaMore
3/30/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/31/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/3/19Chair YogaMore
4/4/19Yoga Nidra More
4/6/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/7/19Family YogaMore
4/7/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/10/19Chair YogaMore
4/13/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/14/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/17/19Chair YogaMore
4/20/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/21/19Family YogaMore
4/21/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/24/19Chair YogaMore
4/27/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/28/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/1/19Chair YogaMore
5/2/19Yoga Nidra More
5/4/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/5/19Family YogaMore
5/5/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/8/19Chair YogaMore
5/11/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/12/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/15/19Chair YogaMore
5/18/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/19/19Family YogaMore
5/19/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/22/19Chair YogaMore
5/25/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/26/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/29/19Chair YogaMore
6/1/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/2/19Family YogaMore
6/2/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/5/19Chair YogaMore
6/6/19Yoga Nidra More
6/8/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/9/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/12/19Chair YogaMore
6/15/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/16/19Family YogaMore
6/16/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/19/19Chair YogaMore
6/22/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/23/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/26/19Chair YogaMore
6/29/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/30/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/3/19Chair YogaMore
7/4/19Yoga Nidra More
7/6/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/7/19Family YogaMore
7/7/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/10/19Chair YogaMore
7/13/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/14/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/17/19Chair YogaMore
7/20/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/21/19Family YogaMore
7/21/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/24/19Chair YogaMore
7/27/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/28/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/31/19Chair YogaMore
8/1/19Yoga Nidra More
8/3/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/4/19Family YogaMore
8/4/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/7/19Chair YogaMore
8/10/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/11/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/14/19Chair YogaMore
8/17/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/18/19Family YogaMore
8/18/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/21/19Chair YogaMore
8/24/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/25/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/28/19Chair YogaMore
8/31/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/1/19Family YogaMore
9/1/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/4/19Chair YogaMore
9/5/19Yoga Nidra More
9/7/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/8/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/11/19Chair YogaMore
9/14/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/15/19Family YogaMore
9/15/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/18/19Chair YogaMore
9/21/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/22/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/25/19Chair YogaMore
9/28/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/29/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/2/19Chair YogaMore
10/3/19Yoga Nidra More
10/5/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/6/19Family YogaMore
10/6/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/9/19Chair YogaMore
10/12/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/13/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/16/19Chair YogaMore
10/19/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/20/19Family YogaMore
10/20/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/23/19Chair YogaMore
10/26/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/27/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/30/19Chair YogaMore
11/2/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/3/19Family YogaMore
11/3/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/6/19Chair YogaMore
11/7/19Yoga Nidra More
11/9/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/10/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/13/19Chair YogaMore
11/16/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/17/19Family YogaMore
11/17/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/20/19Chair YogaMore
11/23/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/24/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/27/19Chair YogaMore
11/30/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/1/19Family YogaMore
12/1/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/4/19Chair YogaMore
12/5/19Yoga Nidra More
12/7/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/8/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/11/19Chair YogaMore
12/14/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/15/19Family YogaMore
12/15/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/18/19Chair YogaMore
12/21/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/22/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
12/25/19Chair YogaMore
12/28/19Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
12/29/19FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/1/20Chair YogaMore
1/2/20Yoga Nidra More
1/4/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/5/20Family YogaMore
1/5/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/8/20Chair YogaMore
1/11/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/12/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/15/20Chair YogaMore
1/18/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/19/20Family YogaMore
1/19/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/22/20Chair YogaMore
1/25/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
1/26/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
1/29/20Chair YogaMore
2/1/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/2/20Family YogaMore
2/2/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/5/20Chair YogaMore
2/6/20Yoga Nidra More
2/8/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/9/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/12/20Chair YogaMore
2/15/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/16/20Family YogaMore
2/16/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/19/20Chair YogaMore
2/22/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
2/23/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
2/26/20Chair YogaMore
2/29/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/1/20Family YogaMore
3/1/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/4/20Chair YogaMore
3/5/20Yoga Nidra More
3/7/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/8/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/11/20Chair YogaMore
3/14/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/15/20Family YogaMore
3/15/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/18/20Chair YogaMore
3/21/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/22/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
3/25/20Chair YogaMore
3/28/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
3/29/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/1/20Chair YogaMore
4/2/20Yoga Nidra More
4/4/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/5/20Family YogaMore
4/5/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/8/20Chair YogaMore
4/11/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/12/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/15/20Chair YogaMore
4/18/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/19/20Family YogaMore
4/19/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/22/20Chair YogaMore
4/25/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
4/26/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
4/29/20Chair YogaMore
5/2/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/3/20Family YogaMore
5/3/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/6/20Chair YogaMore
5/7/20Yoga Nidra More
5/9/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/10/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/13/20Chair YogaMore
5/16/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/17/20Family YogaMore
5/17/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/20/20Chair YogaMore
5/23/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/24/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
5/27/20Chair YogaMore
5/30/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
5/31/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/3/20Chair YogaMore
6/4/20Yoga Nidra More
6/6/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/7/20Family YogaMore
6/7/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/10/20Chair YogaMore
6/13/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/14/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/17/20Chair YogaMore
6/20/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/21/20Family YogaMore
6/21/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
6/24/20Chair YogaMore
6/27/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
6/28/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/1/20Chair YogaMore
7/2/20Yoga Nidra More
7/4/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/5/20Family YogaMore
7/5/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/8/20Chair YogaMore
7/11/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/12/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/15/20Chair YogaMore
7/18/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/19/20Family YogaMore
7/19/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/22/20Chair YogaMore
7/25/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
7/26/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
7/29/20Chair YogaMore
8/1/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/2/20Family YogaMore
8/2/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/5/20Chair YogaMore
8/6/20Yoga Nidra More
8/8/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/9/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/12/20Chair YogaMore
8/15/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/16/20Family YogaMore
8/16/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/19/20Chair YogaMore
8/22/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/23/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
8/26/20Chair YogaMore
8/29/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
8/30/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/2/20Chair YogaMore
9/3/20Yoga Nidra More
9/5/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/6/20Family YogaMore
9/6/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/9/20Chair YogaMore
9/12/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/13/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/16/20Chair YogaMore
9/19/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/20/20Family YogaMore
9/20/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/23/20Chair YogaMore
9/26/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
9/27/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
9/30/20Chair YogaMore
10/1/20Yoga Nidra More
10/3/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/4/20Family YogaMore
10/4/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/7/20Chair YogaMore
10/10/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/11/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/14/20Chair YogaMore
10/17/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/18/20Family YogaMore
10/18/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/21/20Chair YogaMore
10/24/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
10/25/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
10/28/20Chair YogaMore
10/31/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/1/20Family YogaMore
11/1/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/4/20Chair YogaMore
11/5/20Yoga Nidra More
11/7/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/8/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/11/20Chair YogaMore
11/14/20Prenatal Yoga ClassMore
11/15/20Family YogaMore
11/15/20FREE Laughter Yoga More
11/18/20Chair YogaMore