Teacher Training is being renewed and re-structured to begin in 2024!

We are developing an all new format, which will start with an immersive weekends to study the deeper practices of yoga over for anyone wanting to take a deep dive into their practice and yoga-life, starting in January 2024.  After a summer break to integrate this work, we will continue with another 100 hours of "Finding your Voice & Confidence to Teach" for those who want to share their love for the practice as a teacher.

The second portion will be open to those who have taken the Immersion Deep Dive and anyone who has taken a 200 hour training and wants to re-visit training to fine tune their skills and refine their abilty to teach.

This is a beautiful opportunity to make a commitment to enhance your own health and well being, enjoy the connections of your yoga community and our wonderful teachers, and dedicate time to your own self care.  This "Deep Dive" will offer you the tools and the methodology to have a deeper understanding for your personal practice, and then if you are called to share your love of yoga, training will continue to guide you along that path.

Yoga Teacher Training is not just for those who want to teach yoga. 
It is a way to deepen your own understanding and your personal relationship to the practices, enrich your lifestyle, fine tune your asana (poses), develop your meditation practice, study and enjoy rich conversations around philosophy and lifestyle, be a dedicated student, and create more clarity around your dharma, awakening more fully to your true nature and purpose as a spiritual revolutionary in service to those you love and care for, your community, and the sustainability of the environment and Mother Earth. 

The world needs you now, more than ever, to live in harmony with everything and everyone around you, and to share your yoga love, as I like to say “in ways that are seen and unseen!” Each weekend is a mini retreat, a chance to step out of the busyness of life.  The time in between each monthly meeting will bring insight through reading, writing, reflecting and practicing. There is on line anatomy training, done at your own pace, monthly meetings with your study group, (you will create and present a final project together) and making time to attend weekly classes at Heartsong and observing classes there.  You will also develop a Give Back Project and begin envisioning how you want to bring your yoga off the mat and into the world.

Do not hesitate to reach out directly to Sheila with your interest.
As I write this we are still fine tuning the details, so more dates and those details will follow asap.\

Travel the Classical 8 Limbed path with us integrating it into your life and learning to share it with others, supporting your intention to be not only healthy and happy, but to serve your community and participate in the healing of our world.