Live Stream Classes with "Zoom" Schedule

This link is not up to date, we are building the pages.

Classes will not go "live" until at least March 30th. Stay tuned.
We will start with a small selection of classes and add on as we work things out.


Testing...this is just a test, not live now, look for more to follow

We are working on setting up ZOOM live streaming classes.

If you want to get ahead of the game, go to ZOOM.US, here on your computer, or get the app for your smart phone.  It's free.  You do not have to have an upgraded account, unless you are a professional or you want to start using the platform to "visit" with friends for longer than 40 mintutes!  (It's a blast, you can have a cyber party)

You will:

Pre register 1/2 hour before class (when the new links are live)

You will get an email 15 minutes before class, it will have a link to the class with an ID all you should need is to click on the link.

Class is 60 minutes

Every _____ at ____


link to description_______