Restorative Yoga

Classes to be added in the future

7:15 to 8:15 pm
with Stacey Duquette

$20.00 per class.
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Props to gather at home for class: (suggested by Stacey)
At the studio, it would be blocks, straps, bolster, 2 yoga blankets.

At home:
4 pillows, the firmer the better
2 blankets, the firmer the better
2 thick books about the same size
A wash cloth for over your eyes
A scarf or bathrobe tie or mans tie
An open space on a wall to put up your legs!

Restorative Yoga provides healing and deep relaxation for body and mind.
This is a slow paced class comprised of fully supported yoga postures, guided breathing and relaxation techniques.  The use of props such as blankets, blocks and the wall allow for the postures to be held for several minutes.  The result is a calm nervous system, reducing the effects of stress and stimulating our natural ability to heal and care for ourselves. This class is suitable for all levels, no prior experience of yoga is needed.

Restorative yoga helps to combat the physical and mental effects of everyday stress, and eases common ailments such as headaches, backaches, anxiety, and insomnia with the use of restful poses and deep breathing techniques.
• Deeply relaxes the body
• Stills the mind
• Improves capacity for healing and balancing
• Balances the nervous and immune system
• Boosts immunity
• Enhances your mood