Introducing NEW Community Classes

Introducing Community Classes

Weekends at 11 am.
These classes are on going but may change when there is a seasonal change, TBA.

These classes are by-donation and are for any level student, and taught by rotating teachers, including our new and in-training teachers.  
Pay any amount of your choosing. 

Ashtanga Yoga, 1/2 Primary Series
Saturdays, 11 to 12 pm.
This vinyasa (flow) style class will offered in the Bamboo Room, heated to approximately 85 degress.
It focuses on connecting movement and breath in a series of postures that build strength and flexibility, and offers a "Meditation in Motion" to calm the body/mind.  New students and seasoned students of Ashtanga Yoga are welcome.

Mindful Yoga Therapy Inspired Yoga for Every-Body
Sundays, 11 to 12 pm.
This class will be based on the Mindful Yoga Therapy porotocol and focuses on the practices of meditation, breath, yoga postures accessible to everybody, yoga nidra and gratitude.  All levels are welcome, these classes are designed to reduce stressa and anxiety.

Please donate what you can.  Suggeted donation $5 - $15.
Proceeds from the classes will be offered to The Give Back Yoga Foundation, and their "Yoga Makes Change" initiative, which supports bringing yoga and mindfulness techniques to all segments of the community, especially under-resource and underserved.