Now welcoming limited numbers of students into the studio along with Zoom Live Streaming "Hybrid Classes" at the same time!



Thank you, Reminder Publication, for this lovely article about our Re-opening, here.

Soft Re-Opening:
Check out the Full Class Schedule, here!
Pre-Registration is required for all classes
Small limited class sized due to MA State Protocols, the In-Studio classes will be held while we Zoom Live Stream to those at home, at the same time. Some classses will remain Zoom Live Stream Only. 

We have transitioned the platform called Punchpass to manage our Live Stream Classes with "Zoom" and for all pre registration for In-Studio classes.  If you had an active class card or membership with us on March 15, you should be in the system already.  Just set up your account and password, to access the schedule.

New Student Special: Unlimited Zoom Live Stream Classes, $30. for 2 weeks.
For new students Only.  Purchase here.
Welcome Back Special: Unlimited Zoom Live Stream Classes, $30. for 2 weeks.
For students who had class cards or memberships that expired before March 15, the date we temporarily closed the studio and moved all up to date members over to the Punchpass system.
Purchase here.

Heartsong Yoga is Your Community Resource for Health and Wellness

Established in 1993, Heartsong is a welcoming place for “every-body” to learn about yoga, meditation, mindfulness and healthy living.  Heartsong hosts programs with our vibrant staff of skillful and experienced teachers, bringing students together to support one another in their quest for radiant health and well being.

Offering the Heart of Kripalu Yoga and the Strength of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Rich authentic traditions inform all of the classes at Heartsong Yoga. You can find the compassionate heart of Kripalu Yoga, perfect for the new student and anyone looking for rest, relaxation and ease, and the strong and vibrant energy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, for those who want a hot, athletic, more physical yoga practice. More than just exercise, Heartsong offers a holistic practice that helps you to calm your mind and settle your emotions, while strengthening, stretching, and toning your body.

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