YouTube Class Donation Page

YouTube Class Donation Page
Dear Students and Friends of Heartsong Yoga

When we decided to close the studio due to COVID-19 for the safety of our community, teachers, staff members and students, it seemed unthinkable that we would not be able to teach, be with our friends, and be of support in these challenging times. We knew immediately that we had to create a platform where we could share classes on line, so that everyone would have some resources, hear some familiar voices, and enjoy the classes for comfort, stress reduction, relaxation, and all of the wonderful benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation for body, mind and spirit.

These videos are available to everybody. There are classes for Kids, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Flow, Vinyasa, Chair, Gentle Yoga with Meditation, and even Yoga Nidra available so that you can watch at you own time, in your own home, for FREE.

However, if you would like to offer a donation, we would gratefully accept it to support the ongoing expenses of having Heartsong stay viable, healthy, and ready to re-open when we can.

Until we meet again, live in person, remember that while we have social distancing, we always have our spiritual connections to one another.

The "value box" says $1.00 but you can click over that and put in any amount you would like to offer. This secure site will accept pay pal, but you do not have to use it. Just keep clicking through past the pay pal boxes to add your own credit card. Thank you!!

Stay safe, be well, Peace. Thank you.
Sheila, Tony, and Team Heartsong