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At the Heart of Heartsong Yoga, the Kripalu style of Yoga offers an experience of movements that stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. Classes de-stress and quiet the mind, inviting deep peace, relaxation, and an open heart. Heartsong's Kripalu Yoga classes emphasize the importance of letting go of competition and judgment, being in the present moment, and embodying the qualities of compassion and acceptance. Choose this style of yoga to unplug from the demands of the day, slow down, and rest.

From Gentle to Moderate classes, there is a level of Kripalu Yoga for "Every-Body." All of our classes at Heartsong are influenced by the Kripalu Tradition of Yoga, and many of our teachers hold advanced level certifications from Kripalu Center.

If you are brand new to yoga, choose any one of our Kripalu Gentle/Beginner Yoga classes listed on the drop in schedule. These classes and are perfect for stress reduction, relaxation, and developing strength and flexibility. Every class offers a foundation that can help you to get to know the more about yoga, not just as a physical exercise but as a philosophy for healthy living. You will be introduced to the poses, and led you through a awesome sequence of stretching and strengthening in a friendly non competitive way! The end of every class includes quiet rest. No experience is needed, and you do not have to wait until you are feeling perfectly healthy, at your perfect weight, or when you feel perfectly fit to begin! If you are not sure, please send us an email!

Kripalu All Levels and Kripalu Moderate Yoga help you to continue your exploration of your yoga practice. New students are always welcome in the All Levels classes, as they expand upon the gentle yoga but are still led and guided in a mindful way. Moderate classes are for those wishing for a more vigorous practice, with plenty of options and modifications for everybody. Our teachers are skillful at offering with plenty of details and descriptions to support throughout the class.

We host a variety of levels of Kripalu Yoga classes daily, nights, and weekends.
New students are always welcome.

Weekly Class Schedule

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