40 Days to Radiant Health Zoom Livestream Class (6 Tuesday nights)

Date: February 9th, 2021.

6 Tuesday nights, 7:00 to 8:15 pm.
Starts February 9
Zoom Livestream only 
Commit to your healthiest self!
Take 40 Days to commit to daily yoga and meditation and apply philosophy and healthy practices to your everyday life.  For all levels of practitioners, new to experienced.

Cost $275 early registration by February 5.
Pre-Register, here.

$290 after
Please purchase your own copy of "true yoga" by Jennie Lee, (not included in the training cost) order it when you pre-register, and find a favorite journal for note taking and introspection questions.

Our Faculty and their specialty:
Sheila Magalhaes, Host, Philosophy & Yoga support
Aimee Roberts, Ayurveda for daily practices & seasonal lifestyle support
Janine Boland, Meditation & Journal support

The program asks you to commit to and includes:

6 meetings: One Tuesday night a week for 6 weeks for Community & Connection via Zoom Livestream, from the comfort of your own home.

40 consecutive days of yoga classes:
Unlimited yoga classes throughout the training.
The price of a one month membership plus 5 bonus days are included. If you have a current pass or membership it will be frozen for 40 days.
Choose any Heartsong class from the schedule daily (Zoom or In-Studio) and/or be inspired to establish a personal home practice. (Does not have to be a "full class".)

Learn about Yoga Philosophy and apply it to daily life.
Explore Yoga’s ethical practices through the 8 Limb path, focusing on the "Yamas" (see below) with an introduction to the  "Niyamas".

Meditation training and practices each week will be explored. 
Commit to doing a daily practice at home, start slowly and grow over 40 Days.

Learn about Ayurveda “Yoga’s Sister Science”
Try new daily practices for health and wellness, based on your "dosha" or "constitution" which you will discover through this experience.
Explore healthy whole food choices in the Ayurvedic style:
Make friends with your pantry & kitchen, and eat real food geared to your "constitution" and the season.

Online support and weekly journal
"excavation" questions.

What you need to bring each week:
The Tuesday meeting will not include formal "asana practice". (yoga practice)
Wear comfy clothes to be able to sit and take a stretch break.
Purchase and bring the book "true yoga" by Jennie Lee, available on Amazon.
Bring your favorite journal (brand new or well-loved) for notes or to journal.
Have an open heart and be ready to access your inner wisdom.