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The Reminder Publication: Prime Magazine: Embracing the Benefits of Mindfulness, February, 2022.

Go Local Magazine: about our new hybrid classes and Heartsong's "story", October 2020.

The Reminder Publication:
about our re-opening after 5 months, August 2020.

Caties Closet: Heartsong is an affiliate and we accept donations and deliver to Boston.  June, 2020.

Republican News: Reader Raves 2020

Voices of the Valley: Sheila chats about Heartsong, March 2019.

The Reminder Publication: Veterans Yoga at Heartsong. February 2019.

The Reminder Publication: Celebrating our 25th anniversary! October 2018.

Nurture Right: Prenatal Yoga practice.

The Siddhartha School: We support, November 2017.

The Reminder Publication: Prime Magazine: Men and Yoga!

The Reminder Publication: Yoga for Veterans, October 2013.

The Reminder Publication: Prime Magazine: Sheila and Boomer Yoga, 2010

The Reminder Publication: Prime Magazine: Beth Wadden, a Vibrant Approach to Life.

Marx Entertainment: Spotlight of the Month

Mass Realty: Challenging the Physical Fitness Steriotypes, one Yoga Pose at a Time.

Mass Live: Thrive after 55, June 18, 2018.

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