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Small limited class sized due to MA State Protocols.
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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & all our Flow Classes

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & all our Flow Classes  Heartsong-7381.jpg

Ashtanga Yoga is a hot, vigorous, flowing (vinyasa style) practice. While not a more advanced style of yoga, it often draws those looking for a more physically challenging pace but is accessible for all levels. Ashtanga connects movement with breath in a dynamic series of postures done with calm focused attention for strength, flexibility and a quiet mind. Be prepared to sweat a lot as you move through this meditation in motion, as you engage core muscles, work with a balanced steady breath. Beginners are always welcome, the classes are designed to be all levels.

We teach Ashtanga Vinyasa "Heartsong Yoga Style", inspired by our teacher Beryl Bender Birch of The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, infused with the heart of Kripalu Yoga.  Traditional Ashtanga Yoga has poses that unfold in specific sequences, practiced in a specific order. At Heartsong, you will find that traditional style, along with the opportunity to explore these practices in an eclectic, playful, and creative way, designed to be supportive to all students, of all levels, who come to classes to study at Heartsong. 

Ashtanga Full Primary Series (90 minutes) moves through the full traditional sequencing of postures for with plenty of options and modifications for the new as well and seasoned students to enjoy. (to be added to the schedule post COVID)
offers the dynamic practice with options geared to the students in the room and for time, so it is accessible to new students. For those familiar with the practice, the class invites in meditation in motion for a quiet mind and a strong healthy body.
Ashtanga Present Power offers a sequence that is mostly Primary Series but then adds postures to round out the practice that are considered back and shoulder therapy. All Levels.  The Present Power Hour condenses the practice to 60 minutes.
Ashtanga Primary/Second  Sun Salutes and standing poses then transition to the a selection of postures from the 'second series" of Ashtanga Yoga, made accessible to the students who are in the room. (not traditional) Friday mornings at 9 am.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is inspired by Ashtanga Yoga, but with more creative sequencing, always a little different. All levels are welcome. The poses are not complicated, but they require focus and attention and a willingness to connect breath and movement uninterruptedly. Of course you will always be offered time to rest if you want it!

TGIFriday Flow is an eclectic, creative flowing class, welcoming all levels of students.

Morning Yoga Flow on Tuesday and Thursday mornings is from 7 to 8 am, a special dynamic morning routine designed to jump start your day, wake up your body and get your energy flowing! The sequence is based on Boomer Yoga, a balanced blend to move your body in all directions! All levels welcome to attend, Zoom Live Stream Only, from the comfort of your home.

Men Only Yoga

MEN ONLY Wednesday mornings, 7 - 8 am with Tony Magalhaes, regular rates apply, no experience needed!  This class breaks down postures for the guys...athletes, couch potatoes, weekend warriors, yogis and non-yogis welcome! 

Not on the schedule since March 15, the temporary closing date due to COVID-19

Look for it soon....

Kripalu Yoga Practice

Kripalu Yoga Practice Heartsong-fall2014-6580.jpg

Our Gentle, All Levels and Moderate Classes on the schedule are taught in the tradition of Kripalu Yoga, the teachers have all been immersed this beautiful traditional style of yoga that is accessible to everyone and every-body. Many of our teachers are certified in this tradition, known as the "yoga of compassion".

All of our Kripalu teachers are influenced and inspired by a variety of teachers as well as other styles of yoga, and all maintain their continuing education in yoga asana (the physical practice) as well as yogic philosophy and history, or the "deeper practices" of yoga. Some of our texperienced certified teachers received their training somewhere other than the Kripalu Center, but are steeped in the essence of the the teachings of Kripalu Yoga, which we call "The Heart of Heartsong".

These classes are not appropriate for children, but all middle and high school students are welcome.

Beginners are always welcome to this class. Gentle classes are not just for new students, but are the perfect place for anyone looking for stress reduction, relaxation and ease. Classes offer accessible postures guided as a "meditation in motion" with detail and support. They emphasizes adaptability and acceptance, and are especially welcoming for those who feel like they might not be “able” to “do” yoga or those who have injuries or other physical limitations.

(We offer Chair Yoga for those who want to practice yoga but are nervous about sitting on the floor.)

All Levels
An instructive sequence of creative warmups, followed by a variety of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. Appropriate for all students, and beginners are always welcome, you will be led and guided throughout! 

A strengthening practice which includes longer holding times, more inter-connective flow between postures and an emphasis on internal awareness. New students who feel fit and strong are welcome to try Moderate Yoga any time, but remember that there may be less detailed instruction in these classes.

More information about Kripalu Yoga, and the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA