Schedule: Live Stream & In-Studio

Check out the Full Class Schedule, here!

Pre-Registration is required for all classes
Small limited class sized due to MA State Protocols.
Some classses will remain Zoom Live Stream Only
Most will have small In-Studio classes while also being Zoom Live Streamed!
We call these "Hybrid Classes"
Live Stream classes are held on the Zoom platform, download the free Zoom App here.

Click on the link above to bring you to Puchpass, our new studio software designed to help us deliver all classes to you. You can add Punchpass to your phone as a mobile app, here.

Please Read our COVID-19 Policy here.

All Current Class Cards holders and Monthly Members as of March 15
were added to this platform.  Use your class cards to take Live Stream or In-Studio classes, or donate them towards our YouTube classes or as a gift to help us navigate this difficult time. We have added 4 months (the time the brick and mortar was closed but we were offering classes via Zoom Live Stream.  Most of the classes sold at the studio before we closed will all be expired as of November 15. Thank you for understanding.
Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns, here.

Go to Punchpass to set up your account. (your name may be already there, but you still need to set up an account to register for classes.) There are new introductory prices for these live stream classes.  Prices for drop in, class cards and memberships on live stream are subject to change in the future. When you register for a class, you pay through Punchpass, or use a class card or membership already added to your account in March.