40 Day Life Makeover

Date: May 17th, 2016.

Time: 7:30 PM

A 40 Day Yoga Immersion! Do you have 40 Days to spend on the rest of your life? 6 Tuesday night meetings, 40 Days of practice, and so much more! Next adventure begins on May 17, 2016. Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. Last meeting on June 21, (40 days of practice will officially "end" June 25) Many of us are at the point where we are ready to commit to better self-care, personal awakening, empowerment and peace of mind. Our goal might be to have a stronger, pain-free body, improved nutritional practices, or a spiritually deeper experience of life. We have the resources within us to attain these goals, but it's tough to do by ourselves, without knowledgeable support and guidance. Yogic science teaches that a 40-day commitment to change can provide the shift needed to develop a healthy habit or to drop a destructive habit. A first step in experiencing the challenge and the satisfaction of lasting change is to commit to 40 consecutive days of yoga and meditation practice. The place is here. The time is now! Heartsong Yoga is offering its 40-day program based on Baron Baptiste's book 40 Days To Personal Revolution. The Heartsong Yoga program is developed to be accessible to anybody at any stage of their yoga practice, new or seasoned practitioners welcome to join us! The program asks you to commit to 40 consecutive days of yoga classes, any Heartsong class or level that works for you and your schedule. You will also be incorporating daily meditation and self-discovery excavation/journaling exercises into your life. We also partner with several local practitioners, including My Main Squeeze to help us incorporate a 3 day Juice till Dinner "cleanse" that is a part of this journey during week #4. Your Faculty: Facilitation and Yoga with Sheila Magalhaes, owner, Heartsong Yoga Center. Meditation instruction and support with yoga instructor Janine Boland. Nutrition support with Danielle Meunier, local nutrition expert from "Green & Simple Wellness". Cleanse support from My Main Squeeze's founder Cassandra Cerasuolo on week 4 of the journey. Cost of the program: paid in full: $365. Or $380, in two payments, $190 due by 5/17, $190 by 6/1. Components of the program: The price of the 40 Day Life Makeover includes:
  • Unlimited participation in all yoga classes on core schedule over 40 Days. (memberships and class cards will be frozen) from May 17 to June 25.
  • Six Tuesday nights workshops, 7:30 to 9 pm. we will meet as a group to fine tune your yoga and meditation practices and to support one another.
  • Custom DVD for home practice.
  • Nutritional consultation and recipes for incorporating healthy eating into your every day life.
  • The 3 day cleanse in week 4, everything you need, to "Juice till Dinner, plus a beautiful salad, delivered to you.
  • FREE Yoga Nidra class on Thurs. June 2, 7:30 pm.
  • Special pricing for massages throughout the program with our partner Christina Conti.
  • Community, Support, Friendship, Fun.
  • (A value of over $450.)
  • Upon your registration please order a copy of the book "40 Days to a Personal Revolution" with reflections and writing inspiration weekly. Available on Amazon, new, used, or kindle version. Order on line, here.
  • Pick up a journal or use your favorite throughout the program! Learn more about My Main Squeeze and Cassie Cerasuolo, here at her website. Learn more about Green and Simple Wellness Danielle Meunier, here at her website. Register here,or bring/mail a check to Heartsong. Please do not hesitate to call Sheila at 413-525-0720 with any questions about the registration process! Or, Email if you are ready to commit!