Cycling and Yoga Class

Date: July 12th, 2015, including 8/16/15.

Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Two Mornings of Yoga and Cycling Fun! Sunday, July 12 Sunday, August 16 9 am to 12. (these will be weather permitting!) $25. with Sue and Mark Kent leading the way(s) Yoga has sometimes been described as a meditation in motion. If you are looking for a little more motion in your meditation...come join long time cyclists Sue and Mark Kent for a morning of yoga and cycling fun. We will begin at 9 am for a half hour of pre cycling yoga (outdoors) to breathe and focus before venturing out on the roads of East Longmeadow and Somers, CT in two groups for an hour or so ride. Sue will lead a group at a 10­ to 12 mph average pace for less experienced riders, (honestly, you can be a new rider and really enjoy this pace!) and Mark will lead a group at a 13to ­16 mph average pace depending on participants. The groups will meet back in the studio for a half hour of stretchy and restorative yoga in the studio to unwind and relax, finishing by 12 pm. Bring your tuned up bicycle, a water bottle and your helmet! A little more about the event, from Mark: "We are excited to bring cycling and yoga together at Heartsong. After a short yoga warmup, both groups will head out along the East Longmeadow bike path. The shorter loop continues onto the flatter roads of Somers, Ct and returns through Longmeadow. The longer loop will be a slightly hillier route. Both groups meeting back at the studio for post ride yoga." Walk ins will be warmly welcomed. We would love to have you Pre-Register on line, or drop a check by the studio. (you do not need pay pal to use your credit card in this secure site) Read more about this event, and to register on line: click here.