Detox Yoga Flow & Spring Cleanse Workshop

Date: April 27th, 2013.

Time: 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM

$35. pre paid, $40. at the door. With Heartsong's director Sheila and our favorite holistic nutrition teacher Renee Hastings! (Information packets will be made up only for those who pre register for this program. Saving it really helps us when you pre register, as well as saving you a few dollars. We will email your info packet if you are a walk in student so you will get your information later!) This workshop is great for people who are ready to take the first step in living a healthier lifestyle overall! It is a gentle and safe way to explore how to hit the "rest button" on your body. It's perfect for those who have never done a detox or cleanse and is safe for most people because we give you everything you need to to use whole foods to balance and cleanse your body. That means no fasting, no pills or potions, just healthy simple foods and recipes to help you feel better! The Yoga Practice with Sheila Experience a strong yoga practice designed to release long held tensions in body mind and spirit, especially for digestion and elimination/detoxification. This flow practice is all levels but be prepared to move, and warm up your body in a practice designed to be hot. You will go home with some simple yoga poses to do to support a cleanse. The Detox Plan with Renee You will learn:
  • What is a whole foods detox/cleanse?
  • Who should do a detox?
  • Is a detox the same as a "fast"?
  • How long should a detox last?
  • Recipes for a 3 day whole foods detox
  • Activities and practices to do at home to support your detox plan