Exploring the Prana (Energy) Body, the 5 Winds postponed!

Date: May 19th, 2021.

Time: 7:00 PM

Exploring the Prana (Energy) Body, the 5 Winds
with Aimee Roberts
Wednesday night, May 19, 7 - 8:15 pm. This class is Zoom only.
$20.00 Pre registration required, on Punchpass, here.

Not just exercise, Yoga can help you align your energy levels within for a greater sense of connection and happiness with ourselves and the world around us.
Prana or life force is defined in yoga asana (the physical practice) as a way to understand energy movement in our bodies. There are 5 winds of prana or directions of flow we express and experience in our postures.  Have you heard your yoga teacher talk about prana? Do you want to learn more? Explore the movement of prana as we discover how to cultivate deeper awareness and focus of our “prana vayus” or energy pathways. This attention to our yoga enhances and  enriches our yoga practice and helps us achieve our greatest potential.  Learn which postures cultivate the flow of the vayus and bring your yoga to the next level!

The 5 vayus, or "winds" are:

  • udana vayu - upward movement
  • apana vayu - downward movement
  • vyana vayu - from the center of our body to the periphery
  • samana vayu - from the periphery of the body to the center
  • prana vayu - inward and upward

Aimee Roberts is a 500 hour Kripalu yoga teacher, and a Chopra Ayurveda Lifestyle Teacher and Coach.  Aimee has been a part of Heart Song Yoga faculty for over 10 years and is one of the facilitators for the Heart Song Yoga signature 40 Days to Radiant Health program.