Freedom Yoga w/The Phoenix: A Sober Community

Date: May 3rd, 2024, including 6/7/24, 7/5/24, 8/2/24.


First Class, May 3, 5:45 pm, a true yogi happy hour.
Then, the first Friday of every month

The Phoenix fosters a supportive, physically active community
for people recovering from alcohol and substance use , those who choose to live a sober life, or are sober curious.  All we ask for anyone who participates in Phoenix-led activities is 48 hours of sobriety.  All are welcome, whether you’re in recovery, a supporter, or an ally. Sheila chose this organization to partner with as they have a strong commitment to providing human connection and community, the core value of The Phoenix movement, and a mission of Heartsong Yoga.  With over 46 million Americans living with substance use disorder and millions more directly and indirectly impacted, this work is more urgent than ever. 

Freedom Yoga is an all levels slow flow class that Sheila developed as a class that is accessible to everybody. With inclusive language, encouraging support, and a trauma sensitive approach, this class can quiet your mind, soothe your nervous system, and help you cultivate strength, balance and flexibility in your body, mind, and heart. Sheila gave the name Freedom Yoga to this flow to describe the spacious vibe of the class. There will be an optional 15 minutes of connection time after the class to meet one another.

How to register: Because Sheila is volunteering with The Phoenix, the registration method is different for this Specialty Class.  It will show up on our class schedule but you do not have to pre-register with Punchpass!
If you can...Download "The Phoenix" app on your phone and "become a member".
You can also set up an account on their website.
OR....walk in and we will register you at the door!!!!
When you have an account (free) on The Phoenix you will be able to not only attend Heartsong's Freedom Yoga classes, but also find access to all kinds of classes, from HIIT to Rock Climbing to meetups and meetings, all over the country, live, and virtually! Visit here to explore their website and get a feel for their amazing programs and offerings.
With Freedom Yoga on the app or on the web... When you put in your location, it will give you "what's happening" events nearby.  You will see that Western MA does not have many volunteers, but we believe that this movement is already growing interest in this area and that Heartsong might help to encourage others: "We rise together: Together, we’re fueling a movement that will change the world.  Through the power of community and belonging, we are fueling a movement that is changing how society approaches substance use, recovery, and its belief in the intrinsic strength of people"....The Phoenix.

*****If you can, take this time to explore all that The Phoenix has to offer, to be familiar with the app and maybe take some of the virtual or on demand classes you will find there, and tell your sober buddies********

PS: We are looking for volunteers (info here) and support for this new program. (or create other programs in our community) The beauty of this work is in coming together, removing stigma, celebrating the joy of sobriety, hanging out with folks who love to do what you love to do, and making a difference in your life and the lives of others.