FREE Yoga class for Veterans & all who support them

Dates: Starts on January 14th, 2017 and occurs every month on the second Saturday of the month until June 10th, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM

Mindful Yoga for All Levels

Free classes offered once a month for all Veterans, their families, and those who support and love them, as our honored guests.
The second Saturday of each month, 11am - 12:15pm

Inspired by the practices of "Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans"

No prior experience needed, everyone is welcome to attend. (Children should be around middle school ages and above, for younger than that, look for our Family Yoga classes taught twice a month on Sunday mornings) The class will be expertly guided and there will be plenty of modifications and details for all ages and all levels. Deep relaxation will follow class for rest and renewal.

Graciously taught by Anneliese Denny-Eves and supported by those from "Team Heartsong!" who have been trained in the practices of MYT, whose mission is "Helping veterans to find a calm and steady body/mind to continue productive and peaceful lives through the support of the physical and mindful practices of yoga."

Heartsong's director Sheila Magalhaes is on the MYT faculty, and many of Heartsong's teachers have been trained through this program. Over the past year, Mindful Yoga Therapy has distributed over 10,000 free MYT toolkits to veterans, helping them find peace of mind and relief from the symptoms of post traumatic stress. This has been done through the help of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, and their goal is to share free yoga and mindfulness training guides with 30,000 veterans by 2015...we are grateful to support.

"The physical practices of yoga makes us feel strong and confident, balanced and healthy. We learn to calm and quiet the body and mind. Not just through the physical practices, mindfulness and learning proper breathing, but by learning more about the philosophy of yoga, or what we call “the deeper practices”. Being in the present moment, a key principle of practice, helps us to release worries about the future, to learn of let go of the past. Cultivating contentment and acceptance helps us to be comfortable in our lives, not wishing things to be different. Non Violence and Loving Kindness, the foundation of a classical yoga practice, makes life more joyful and helps us to improve our relationships to one another and the world around us. Yoga practices train us to be more responsive, less reactive, and to gain some control over self destructive behaviors and habits, again leading to clarity, peace and stability for everyone in the family."