Gongs & Himalayan Singing Bowls Sound Bath Workshop

Date: January 20th, 2024.

with Priscilla Gale, joining us from Sacred Sound Reiki, in Stow, MA
Saturday, January 20, 2024  
3 - 5 pm.  register here, $40

In a peaceful beautiful setting, experience the soothing songs of Crystal Singing Bowls and float blissfully into a deep meditative state where the tumultuous stresses of everyday life are cleared, cleansed and washed away. Sound vibration is extremely effective for reducing stress and anxiety - a leading cause of diseases. Journey from sacred Root to expansive Crown in a deeply immersive, full body experience.  As the vibrations from the bowls envelop the room, experience the gentle yet therapeutic and restorative gifts to receive deep rest and relaxation for cleansing awareness, bringing balance, renewed feelings of well-being along with peace, joy, confidence and clarity of thought.

More Sound Bath Benefits:
Brainwave patterns affect your mental and emotional health and consciousness. These bowls affect the brainwaves, allowing you to comfortably, easily and quickly slip deeply into states of theta and delta. Bowls have long been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate by inducing alpha waves in the brain, along with strengthening the immune system, releasing pain and stress, and creating a sense of well-being, vitality, and happiness.
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Vibrational Properties: Crystal vs Metal Singing Bowls
Both Crystal Singing Bowls and Himalayan Singing Bowls create vibration that the human body responds to at the crystalline level. Vibrations of both sets of bowls hit the bone structure as the body is an instrument which has air spaces within it. The vibrational signature of Himalayan Singing Bowls initialize our para-sympathetic nervous system which naturally supports the increase of disease fighting immune cells transmitted directly into our blood, organs and cells as well as triggering endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. Crystal Singing Bowls, because they are made from quartz crystal have many of the same physical properties, amplifying, transforming, storing, focusing and transferring energy. Crystal Singing Bowls resonate sine waves, working in all layers of the body’s personal vibrational resonance, helping the body to get back to balance and healthy resonation. With balanced resonation, then blood circulation is supported as well as is the metabolism, reducing inflammation, pain, stress and lowering blood pressure.
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