Mother/Daughter Retreat Day

Date: February 28th, 2016.

Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Sunday, February 28 From 1-3 pm The $35. registration fee is for both participants, Mom (or any adult female role model) and daughter, aged 8-14. This retreat day is designed to to strengthen the mother/daughter bond, with activities that will emphasize mutual respect, positive communication, and trust in a fun-filled and enjoyable way through playful yoga sequences, individual and partner yoga practices, self-care/restorative practices, and breathwork, all meant to support and foster this important life-long relationship. We know that mothers and daughters have a unique relationship. It can be both the most nurturing and intimate relationship you will ever have and also the most challenging. The mother/daughter relationship is also a powerful mirror, reflecting back to us parts of ourselves we may or may not be comfortable seeing as mothers and daughters are often so much alike, at once close friends and aloof adversaries. This retreat will be led by Heather Monson, Brain Break Yoga for Kids and Mindful Yoga for Women Instructor here at Heartsong. Registration Info Click Here