New Meditation Series

Date: January 2nd, 2015.

Time: 7:30 PM

Heartsong Yoga warmly welcomes the teachings from the Odiyana Center, a non-profit from Glastonbury CT, offering our weekly meditation class as community outreach. Mondays at 7:30 pm. Stop Worrying, Start Enjoying with Resident Teacher, Kadam Eve Arias from Odiyana Center, Glastonbury, CT No one likes to worry or experience anxiety, but there are times where we believe we have no choice. The function of meditation is to make the mind peaceful and calm. If the mind is peaceful and calm, we are happy. In this series, learn how to use your mind to enjoy your experiences, instead of worrying about them. Through the practice of meditation, we get to know our mind, learn to recognize which states of mind are beneficial and which are not. In this way, we gain control over our mind instead of being controlled by it. The more familiar we become with virtuous, positive states of mind, those that lead to happiness, the more we begin to enjoy our mind, our relationships and all our experiences. Drop into any or all of the classes in this series. (the series has been extended due to winter weather, snow and ice.) Drop in to any or all classes in this series. Perfect for beginners or those with meditation experience. $10 per class. (Separate from Heartsong's monthly memberships and class cards, paying Odiyana Center directly.) More about the Odiyana Center Click Here