Soul Flow Yoga w/ Sheila "Metta, Loving Kindness" 3 pm

Date: December 4th, 2021.

Time: 3:00 PM

Introducing: Heartsong Soul Flow
Specialty Class, with Sheila, sharing the deeper practices of yoga, inspired by "Soul School," a 200 hour training with Sean Johnson and Mitchel Bleier, completed this fall as a "gift to self" with the Silver Lining of technology to study with beloved teachers from afar.

Saturday, November 13:  Freedom to Fly, honoring Sky Dancer, Register here.

Saturday, December 4:
Metta, Loving Kindness for All. Register, here.

Explore Bhakti Yoga, known as the Yoga of Devotion and Love, the sonic practices of chant and mantra, mythology and storytelling, and dip into Tantra Yoga, whose teachings invite us to see the world as a weaving of energies of the Divine, all is sacred and the Gods and Goddesses are real, always here for support and protection. These practices celebrate life with asana and meditation, but also song, creative movement, poetry, and art.

The classes will offer a creative 60 minute All Level Vinyasa Flow along with an exploration of the elements of deeper practices, designed carefully to speak to your heart and soul.

$20, limited space In-Studio only.