Spring Detox Flow Workshop

Date: June 12th, 2016.

Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sunday June 12, 11:00 to 2:00 pm. $40., includes all materials if pre registered before Sunday. (Special pricing for the optional 3 day juice cleanse with My Main Squeeze is extra) Featuring Sheila Magalhaes, RYT 500, owner/director of Heartsong, and our local holistic nutrition teacher Danielle Meunier, owner of Green & Simple Wellness and faculty member of our 40 Day Life Makeover. Partnering "My Main Squeeze" for the chance to do a 3 day juice cleanse, to help keep things simple. Wake your body with a simple Spring into Summer Cleanse using whole foods and a detox yoga flow of accessible poses. Learn how to refresh and renew yourself this season, the perfect time to do a cleanse, which can result in increased energy, fewer allergy symptoms, reduced hormonal imbalances, improved digestion, clearer sinuses, normalized blood pressure, fewer moods swings, sharper mental ability, improved sleep, healthier skin and much more. We will start with a lecture/discussion and learn ways to feel nourished as we transition from spring to summer. We will learn how to reduce our toxic overload, from an environmental, nutritional, and even emotional perspective, and how to clear and cleanse. Danielle will offer detailed information and support so you can create a 3 day detox plan, with options for a healthy, easy and safe menu choices, especially designed for the season. Experience a strong yoga practice designed to release long held tensions in body mind and spirit, especially for digestion, elimination and detoxification. This flow practice will be offered for all levels but be prepared to move, and to sweat! Class will be in the bamboo room, with a little extra heat. We are proud to be collaborating with My Main Squeeze, our East Longmeadow Juice Bar, for a special opportunity to choose a 3 Day "Juice till Dinner" or "Juice all Day" cleanse, at a reduced rate. (This is the cleanse we did in the 40 Day Life Makeover! Everyone loved it!) Danielle will also offer a simple "at home local fresh summer time food cleanse" you can create for yourself, and tips to enter and exit the cleanse with ease. No pre-requisites for this workshop, just a desire to learn more about your health and wellness, along with an openness to explore a strong cleansing purifying yoga practice! Learn more about Danielle and Green and Simple Wellness here. "Health is a journey, not a destination!" Learn more about My Main Squeeze Juice Bar and the 3 day cleanse options, here. Pre register Click Here