Some more yoga "etiquette"

This is a No Cell Phones Zone: For the privacy of all our students, and the chance to unplug...turn OFF your cell phone before coming to class. (Remember, vibrate still makes noise!) (Emergency at home? On call for work? Let your teacher know you need to have your phone!)

This is a No Scent Zone: Be conscious of our students who have allergies or are sensitive to scents, so pease do not wear scented body products and no perfumes.
We do not burn scented candles or incense in classes, however we occasionally do diffuse an essential oil blend known as "Thieves" which has a cleansing effect on our rooms, but never during classes.

If you are a brand new student, come early! If you have to leave early, let your teacher know before class starts.

If you use a studio mat make sure that you spray it down and wipe it dry after your use. If you are taking hot classes and tend to sweat, it is just good sense to purchase your own mat!