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COVID Time:  All classes are taught in our new Hybrid format, so you can Zoom from your home or come In-Studio with all MA State Gov. protocols in place.  Our new studio software system called "Punchpass" requires pre-registration for all classes, visit to set up your account or see the full schedule.

Ashtanga Yoga is a hot, vigorous, flowing (vinyasa style) practice. While not a more advanced style of yoga, it draws those looking for a more physically challenging pace. Ashtanga connects movement with breath in a dynamic series of postures done with calm focused attention for strength, flexibility and a quiet mind. Be prepared to sweat as you move through this meditation in motion, engaging core muscles and working with a balanced steady breath. New students and beginners (who are feeling fit and strong) are always welcome, the classes can be adapted for all levels.

We teach Ashtanga Yoga "Heartsong Yoga Style", inspired by our teacher Beryl Bender Birch of The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, infused with the heart of Kripalu Yoga.  Traditional Ashtanga Yoga has poses that unfold in specific sequences, practiced in a specific order. At Heartsong, you will find that traditional style, along with the opportunity to explore these practices in an eclectic, playful, and creative way, adapted to fit into an hour practice.

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offers the dynamic practice of Primary Series with options geared to the students in the room and for time, so it is accessible to all. For those familiar with the practice, the class invites in meditation in motion for a quiet mind and a strong healthy body. If you are new, you will enjoy the details of alignment. Each day brings a new voice and a slightly different progression of the traditional sequence.

Ashtanga Full Primary: A slightly longer practice (one hour 15 min) with all the traditional postures. Take your own rest if you need it.  Ashtanga Explore Second Series is also slightly longer and moves into a few different postures, backbends and twists.

Present Power: offers a sequence that is mostly Primary Series but then adds postures to round out the practice that are considered back and shoulder therapy for a well rounded sequence.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is inspired by Ashtanga Yoga, but with more creative sequencing, always a little different. All levels are welcome, but it is a strong practice. The poses are not complicated, but they require focus and attention and a willingness to connect breath and movement uninterruptedly. Of course you will always be offered time to rest if you want it!

TGIFriday Flow is an eclectic, creative flowing class, welcoming all levels of students.

Morning Yoga Flow on Tuesday and Thursday mornings is from 7 to 8 am, a special dynamic morning routine designed to jump start your day, wake up your body and get your energy flowing! The sequence is based on Boomer Yoga, a balanced blend to move your body in all directions! All levels welcome to attend, Zoom Live Stream Only from the comfort of your home.