Schedule at a glance

9 am Ashtanga: Amy 
10:30 am  All Levels: Sheila
12:00 Ashtanga Present Power: Hady
3:30 pm Gentle: Lyn 
5:45 pm  All Levels: Aimee
7:15 pm Gentle: Beth

7 am  Zoom Only Morning Yoga Flow: Janine
9 am  Ashtanga Present Power: Sheila
10:30 am Gentle Yoga: Joanne
5:45 pm  All Levels: Lisa
7:15 pm Zoom Only Vinyasa Flow: Ronnie

9 am  Ashtanga: Hady
2 pm Zoom Only Chair Yoga & Mindfulness: Cat
3:30 pm Kripalu Gentle: Sheila
5:45 pm Vinyasa Flow: Sheila

7 am  Zoom Only Morning Yoga Flow: Janine
9 am  Ashtanga Primary Series: Sheila
5:45 pm  Gentle: Sheila
7:15 pm Zoom Only Yoga Nidra: Aimee

7:30 am Zoom Only Moderate: Lauri
9 am  Vinyasa Flow: Stacey
6 pm Friday Night Flow: Steve

7:30 am Zoom Only Ashtanga: Mark
9 am Kripalu Inspired All Levels: Cat
10:30 am Moderate: Jeff

9 am  Ashtanga: Lisa
10:30 am Gentle Yin Yoga: Michele
6 pm  All Levels: Beth

Classes are Hybrid...Zoom from Home or come In-Studio, unless noted.
Some are Zoom Only
Classes are one hour, except for Ashtanga Primary  Series on Thursday am.

New Policies:  You must pre-register for classes, on our new studio software management system, and follow all MA State Gov. protocol, here.  In-Studio classes are very limited, but you can Zoom Livestream from anywhere on the planet.

Visit Punchpass here, to set up your account and register for classes.