Prenatal Yoga Course

Prenatal Yoga Course

Dates: Starts on September 9th, 2017 and occurs every week on Saturdays until December 23rd, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM

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Saturday mornings 11 to 12:15.

Classes run in 8 week sessions, pre paid $125.
Pre regiser on line for the Fall start dates: 
September 9 or November 4

You can join us on the first class date, or start anytime after that, send a message or call about pro rating.
Registering for a pro rated session has to be done at the studio on your first class.
There are no make up opportunities within the course.
If you do not think you can make the commitment to the series, you are welcome to drop in and "pay as you go" $20. per class.

Call anytime 413-525-0720 or send us a message to request more information or to ask about pro rating.

We hope that you can commit to attend all the classes of the series when you pre-pay.
If you miss the start date of a session, you can pro rate the registration of an 8 week series, at the studio, up to 4 weeks in, payable at the desk on your first class.

If Saturday morning prenatal classes do not fit your schedule, please consider joining one of our gentle classes, let the instructor know that you are expecting, and you can enjoy the benefits of yoga in these classes. You will learn to modify and be encouraged to rest in some poses, but most of the class will be accessible to you.

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