Specialty Classes

Taught by Heartsong staff and visiting guest teachers, we are proud to present these special classes to our community.

  • Some classes have a separate fee outside of the monthly membership or pre-paid class card. 
  • Some classes are featured on the Daily Drop In class schedule, and regular rates apply.


Meditation & Very Gentle (Chair friendly) Yoga: Once a Week

Every Wednesday night at 7:15
with Cat Rasid, In-Studio or Zoom Livestream from home.

Last Class is Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Look for new 5 week courses, first starts January 7.

The focus of this class is meditation and mindfulness, beginning with a seated sweet gentle stretchy yoga practice designed to down-regulate the nervous system and cultivate peace and ease. Sit on the floor or in a chair, all are welcome to join this class, all ages, all abilities.

This class will be offered Hybrid style, so you can Zoom Live Stream from home if you like! Class will begin with some gentle seated stretches and then you will move into meditation, seated on a chair or on the floor, your choice. Have a few blankets and pillows available if you want to prop up on them.

Regular rates/classes/memberships apply.

Pre Register on Punchpass, here.

Yin Yoga: every week

Hybrid Classes on
Sundays at 10:30 am,
with Michele Scheuer
Mondays at 5:45 pm, with Steve Sampson

While we call this a Specialty Class, it is available to everyone on the core class schedule at the same price, membership, class pass or single class purchase!

In-Studio Classes and Live Stream to the Zoom platform at the same time.
Register with Punchpass, here.
If you are coming to In-Studio class, you can bring a bag with a blanket and a cushion, pillow, and any props you like to use. We can now share props but sometimes people like to bring their own.

Yin Yoga uses longer passively held postures to work the deep connective tissues of the body; the tendons, the ligaments and cartilage; areas that do not stretch like muscle; areas that are difficult to reach and open. These previously inaccessible areas are opened allowing prana or chi (life force) to flow freely resulting in a more supple and flexible body. Yin yoga encourages you to slow down, to pay attention and deepen the awareness between mind and body. It is truly a wonderful compliment all practices and styles of yoga, particularly the "yang" or more vigorous practices.

We call this class chill out, stretchy, yummy, happy, peaceful, light and bright. But to be honest, sometimes these longer holding can be very challenging, if not physically, then mentally as we learn to slow down!

What is Yoga Nidra? A video to learn more!


Chair Yoga for Seniors (& Anyone) Weekly

Heartsong's Collaboeration with East Longmeadow Senior Center:

Chair Yoga at Brownstone Gardens
on Prospect Street, Mondays at 1:30 pm. This class is sponsored by Visiting Angels, so is free to all, taught by Sheila Magalhaes.

Friday afternoons at Heartsong, 1:30 pm, sponsored by the East Longmeadow Council on Aging, taught by Cat Rasid.
$5. walk in pay as you go.  Plenty of parking, park in the "upper lot" to be closer to the door.
We Zoom livestream to seniors who are housebound. Call the Senior Center for details,  (413) 525-5436
Or visit the schedule on Punchpass to pre register for that zoom link, here.

Also at Heartsong.....In Studio Only, with Cat.
Wednesdays at 1:30 pm. NEW: Zoom option available starting January 3.
Available to everyone on the core class schedule at the same price as all of our regular classes.
Walk ins are welcome, or you can pre register on line, on punchpass, here.


Family Yoga: Once a month

Sunday Mornings
12 to 12:45 pm

The first Sunday each month. (unless there is a conflict)

Join Hannah Ketchum for this playful exploration of the practice of yoga, appropriate for all ages, especially those who just want to have some fun and enjoy a light hearted approach to practicing as a family and a community. The class is not perfectly quiet, perfectly zen...all ages of "kids can be kids."

Expect to make some noise, to celebrate animals and nature, and to enjoy family connections. All are welcome, families, friends, and all yoga buddies of all ages. Find the yoga kid inside yourself! Please bring your own yoga mat and if you like, a blanket for relaxation.

Special Pricing:
1 Caregiver plus 1:  $20  (any age...2 people)
1 Caregiver plus 2:  $25  (any ages...3 people)
1 Caregiver plus 3:  $30  (any ages...4 people)
1 Caregiver plus 4:  $35  (any ages...5 people)

The "caregiver" is the only one who pre registers for the class.
We appreciate pre registration, on line, but you can pay at the front desk.
(We will have to set you up with an account on our punchpass system)

Dates ahead, may change, always double check.
Pre Register on Punchpass, click on the date

December 3, pre register

Full Moon Yoga: once a month

Join Beth Wadden one special Sunday night each month as a way to celebrate the Full Moon and the season with an all levels Kripalu Yoga class closest to the date of the Full Moon.   Each month has a theme, dedicated to the Native American tradition, and with the mystery and magic of a yoga class  with special postures, story telling, poetry and prayer.

While we call this a Specialty Class, it is available to everyone on the core class schedule at the same price, membership, class pass or single class purchase!

In-Studio and Virtual Live Stream, pre register on Punchpass, here.

Choose Zoom to take class Live Stream from home,
OR In-Studio to take class at Heartsong.

(It will not say "Full Moon" on the Punchpass schedule, but sign up for Beth's class on the date of the Full Moon and you will enjoy the class! )

  • Jan. 8 - Full Wolf Moon
  • Feb. 5 - Full Snow Moon (exact)
  • March 5 - Maple Sugar Moon
  • April 2 - Frog Moon
  • May 7 - Full Flower Moon
  • June 4 - Full Strawberry
  • July 2 - Full Thunder Moon
  • July 30 - The Green Corn Moon
  • August 27 - Full Wild Rice Moon
  • Oct. 1 - Full Harvest Moon
  • Oct. 29 - Full Moon of Falling Leaves
  • Nov. 26 - The Frosty Moon
  • Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve, no class
  • Dec. 31- New Year's Eve, no class


Crystal Bowl Sound Healing: Once a Month

We joyfully welcome 
Chantal Jacques Haracsy
of Nirvana Spa & Wellness in Somers, CT

One Tuesday night a month at 7:15 pm.  $25.
Click on the date below to hold your space:

December 19
January 16

and beyond....always the 3rd Tuesday of each month.....
In studio only, zoom does not play well with sound.

Pre registration recommended but walk ins are welcome.

This specialty class is designed to offer you some well deserved TLC.
Alignment with the tones of the Crystal Bowls is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing found today. You will be resting "on the ground" like a shavasana deep relaxation, cozy with cushions and blankets (use Heartsong's or pack a bag!) as Chantal guides your "inner journey" and plays the beautifully haunting gorgeous crystal bowls.  Sound Healing has been scientifically proven to relax the body and mind, for inner peace, clarity, better sleep, and so much more.  Studies have shown that sound has a direct impact on the mental processes, muscles, nervous system, heartbeat, pulse, digestive system and circulatory system. Chantal is a gifted and highly experienced practitioner, we are so happy to welcome her "om".


Reiki & Crystal Immersion Workshops: once a month

Reiki & Crystal Immersion to Honor Your Inner Light

7:15 to 8:30 pm, with Shannon Bates

Pre-Register and Walk Ins Welcome

December 5

When was the last time you noticed your self, thanked your self, honored your self? This class is an offering of Sacred Time to travel inward and to reset and recharge with the intention of honoring your inner light.  Pause and allow yourself to be immersed in the healing energies of Reiki (a Japanese energetic healing modality), crystals and light work.  Shannon will activate each participant to a crystal grid while you relax on the ground, getting cozy in whatever position you are more comfortable. She will then offer the healing and relaxing energy of Reiki and lead you through a guided visualization to connect with your inner light to clear and recharge your energy centers. Each month she will introduce new crystals for the grid!

Shannon Bates is an RMT (Reiki Master Teacher) and is certified as a crystal practitioner (CCP) and advanced crystal master (ACM) through the nationally accredited Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. She also holds certification in Chakra Balancing work and is currently studying Earth Medicine work.  She has been a member of the Heartsong community for many decades and we are honored to share her work with our community.

Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga instruction offers individual attention from an experienced yoga instructor. While our group classes are a very effective way of learning and practicing yoga, there are times when you may consider beginning your practice in a private setting. Some reasons to consider private sessions:

  • You are brand new to yoga and want to ease into practice "one to one."
    You want to develop a meditation or mindfulness practice.
  • You are healing from an injury or have a physical limitation and want to learn how to "adapt" your practice at home or in class. (Examples include learing how to modify poses, and using chairs, straps and blocks for support.)
  • You are healing from an illness and want a restorative gentle practice.
  • You want to develop a personalized practice for home.
  • You want to refine structural alignment for your Kripalu or Ashtanga practice.
  • You want to learn the Ashtanga sequence.
  • You are pregnant (Yeah!) and want to know how to modify in group classes or get one-to-one TLC.
  • Your life is super busy and you cannot find the time to attend our group classes.
  • You want to bring your younger child to class but need to give them some practice first!

Individual or private group yoga instruction is available by appointment at Heartsong Yoga's studio or at your home or office.

At Heartsong: One-to-One Private: $75.00/hour, may be less for multiple sessions or more for a more complex or longer session, call or email for more information.

Off site One-to-One or small group: Email for a quote, or for more information.

Veterans Yoga & Resources

Resources for Veterans:

Yoga 4 Vets at Heartsong Yoga
Heartsong Yoga is also proud to support the program Yoga 4 Vets, offering four free yoga classes to any Veteran who requests, to attend any class, anytime, four times.
To request classes, simply email Sheila

More about Yoga 4 Vets and their offerings,
"Supporting our vets, one breath at a time."
(Note: Heartsong Yoga will offer these four classes to ANY and EVERY veteran, not just "wartime" or "conflict" vets.)

Free on line resources available for Veterans (and everyone!)
From Mindful Yoga Therapy, a Practice Guide, Meditation, Breathing and Yoga Nidra practices.

Other Specialty Class "Events"

Other Specialty Event Workshops are offered throughout the year....

Some are seasonal,
Some are known as "Deeper Practices" or Yoga Beyond the Postures,
Some are courses, and....
Some of just for fun!

Click here for the list of these events.

Always listed under "Events & Workshops"
"Upcoming Events"