Daily "Drop In" Class Schedule

This Schedule is NOT in effect while we all Stay at Home and the Studio is Temporarily Closed.

Check out the New Live Stream Schedule, here!
Due to the current situation we are now offering our clients New Live Streamiing Yoga Classes on Zoom.

We hope you are doing well and staying safe during this unprecedented time. As you know, we have had to close our physical location due to growing concerns and stay-at-home orders from our government. Thankfully we have been able to expand our offerings to virtual platforms and we are thrilled about the engagement we have seen!

Click on the link above to bring you to Puchpass, our new studio software designed to help us deliver these classes to you. We have already added all of our active clients to this new platform, which we will contine to use even after these difficult weeks, as it will a better way to manage, track and organize our classes and minimize paperwork in the future. 

All Current Class Cards holders and Monthly Members have been added to this platform
(If you are a member or class card holder and you do not see your information there, it is possible you "slipped through the cracks" and we were missing, or had the wrong contact info for you!)

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns, here.

Go to Punchpass to set up your account. 
(your name may be already there, but you still need to set up an account to register for classes.) There are new introductory prices for these live stream classes.  Prices for drop in, class cards and memberships on live stream are subject to change in the future.

You do not have to have a zoom account to access these classes.

When you register for a class, you pay through Punchpass, or use a class card or membership already added to your account.

Before class time, arrange your space in your home to be able to see you device (computer, tablet or phone) and set up your mat so you feel comfortable to practice. 

About 20 minutes before class, you will get an email from Puncpass with a link to click on to get to the Zoom platform.  Click on....and you will be brought into the class.

For the teacher to see you (you do not have to) click on the little video camera icon to take off the red slash.
You can keep yourself hidden, but you will be able to "see" the teacher, if you don't click that icon.
Before class you can set zoom to "gallery view" and say hello to everyone.
For class you can "pin" the teacher to make the teacher the biggest on your screen (look at the little icons on the right of her/his "box" and click "pin video". 
The teacher will "mute" everyone when class begins.

The teacher will give you these instructions as to how to set up your device to enjoy the class.

We hope you will enjoy this experience and that we will all navigate this time, together.
Classes will be added as we get more familiar with the platform and if teachers are able to be on board.

We look forward to seeing everyone, live in person, with great big Heartsong Hugs.

Thank you for your patience and your generosity at this time.

Sheila, Tony and Team Heartsong.

PS:  Another way to access the energy of Heartsong Yoga and your favorite classes is to log onto our brand new Heartsong Yoga YouTube channel, where Sheila has recorded and uploaded over a dozen classes.  You can find Gentle, Flow, All Levels, Ashtanga, Chair, Kids and even a Jane Yoga Nidra, all for FREE.  Subscribe to the channel and be informed of any live classes or new content.

The schedule below is temporarily unavailable. The Live Stream Classes are posted on Punchpass.
We welcome new students every class, Any Gentle Beginner or All Levels is a great place to begin.
Or if you want a more vigorous practice, the Ashtanga and Flow classes welcome new students in every class.
FAQ's, here.








Some details

Classes are on going, so your can join any class, any time.
Most classes are 75 minutes unless noted.
No pre-registration needed, choose the class that fits your schedule each day.
Please arrive a little early to your very first class to get settled.
Even one class a week, regularly, can bring benefits into your life.
The more you come, the better you feel!

All of these classes are available to "pay per class" each time you visit.
Purchase a ten class card (buy 9 classes get one free) if you want to come more often or be pre paid.
Consider a monthly membership for unlimited visits, best for those coming more than twice a week.
Classes listed with *Purple are specialty classes with separate rates or fees, or they run in a series.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are just not sure where to start, call Sheila at 413-525-0720 to have a conversation before coming to your first class, or send her an email and she will be happy to guide you to the perfect class.

There are no childcare facilities at Heartsong Yoga, as the classes are designed for adults.
Midde School and High School students are always welcome, at a very special price.
Younger children are invited to join our our twice monthly Family Yoga Classes for all ages, or our Classes for Kids, that run intermittently.
Moms and Dads, besides Family Yoga, the best way to share yoga with your kids is for YOU to attend classes, and share and model yoga and mindfulness for them at home! (Classes are too long and too adult oriented for children.)

New to Yoga? Check out these FAQ's.

Classes and teachers are subject to change. Teachers will choose subs when needed and we are grateful for our community of wonderful teachers who are able to help one another when necessary. There is always something marvelous to learn from a sub.