Weekly Classes

There is Something for Every-Body on our daily drop in schedule.

We are live streaming classes through the zoom platform because of our temporary closure due to COVID-19.
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Pre register for classes, held live stream, or, in last summer when the state is re opening, for our limited class size classes where we will be live streaming at the same time, called "hybrid classes" for those who are comfortable coming in studio and those who want to stay home, something for every body!

Heartsong Yoga emphasizes the importance of letting go of competition and judgment, being in the present moment, and embodying the qualities of compassion and acceptance.

We are happy to help you choose the perfect class, Send Me an Email or call the studio at 413-525-0720 and director/owner Sheila will return your call personally. You can also request a meeting with Sheila to visit Heartsong if that helps you to feel more comfortable!

Begin your practice in the class that fits your schedule and your level of experience. We welcome all ages, from younger folk (middle school and high school age) to "seniors" and there is a practice and a place for everyone!

You can pick a class and make a commitment to come weekly, or come as often as your schedule allows. You can drop in "now and then" or come daily, your choice! Even a once a week class will make a positive difference in your life.

Payment options: All classes must be pre paid and pre registraion is required, no drop ins. You can pay class by class, or pre-purchase a class card (ten classes for the price of nine) or membership (unlimited classes monthly) for more savings.

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